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Stand-Out Picture Books in August

These are the best picture books I read in August:

31423413Pete with No Pants by Rowboat Watkins: Pete is gray and round and doesn’t like to wear pants. Does that mean he’s a boulder? Or a squirrel? His imagination runs wild as he struggles against his mother’s desire for him to wear pants–and his desire to run free.

Super cute, with illustrations that are vaguely Sendak-esque. I really liked this one, and it has enormous kid appeal. It’s silly, creative, and totally fun.



Now by Antoinette Portis: 

A young girl shares with readers all of her favorite things, including a breeze, a cloud, a worm, and a leaf. The things are all things she’s experiencing in the present moment, making for a story as much about the things as it is about mindfulness.

Joyful, lovely, and with simple text and simple illustrations that hold immense appeal for kids. I liked this one a lot and am thinking of ways to incorporate it into future storytimes.


Hello Goodbye Dog by Maria Gianferrari: Zara’s dog Moose loves hellos and hates goodbyes. When he keeps showing up at school because he hates to be apart from Zara, she gets an idea: turn him into a reading therapy dog so he never has to be apart from her.

I loved this one, but I also know that I’m partial to stories about dogs. The illustrations are great, with tons of detail and diversity in the depiction of the various characters. It’s a sweet little story that dog lovers are likely to devour.



Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The Case of RBG vs. Inequality by Jonah Winter: A smart, nuanced look at RBG’s life, from her upbringing to her ascension to the Supreme Court. The illustrations are interesting and layered, and the text is simple enough for young readers while also offering smart insights into the complicated world that RBG trailblazed. I loved this one (I teared up at the end, whatever).