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What I Read This Week

These are the books I finished this week.

32796253Final Girls by Riley Sager: Quincy Carpenter was in college when she was the only one who survived what the media dubbed the Pine Cottage Murders. One of the Final Girls, Quincy joins a few other very unlucky women who were the only survivors of similar massacres. It’s ten years later, and Quincy is doing okay, thanks in large part to her Xanax prescription. But then Lisa Millner, one of the other Final Girls, turns up dead. And Samantha Baker, the other Final Girl, shows up at Quincy’s apartment. Suddenly, Quincy’s unable to keep the past hidden away in her mind, and what she discovers about herself is surprising.

I tore through this one, but I have really complicated feelings about it. It’s certainly an interesting thriller, and it’s a book version of a horror movie in many ways. The writing is competent enough, but none of the characters ever felt real for me, and I couldn’t ever quite shake that



Gather the Daughters by Jennie Melamed: It’s been years since the country burned and a brave group of men moved their families to the island. They colonized the space and built a society based on ancestor worship and child-rearing. The only people who are allowed to leave are the Wanderers, men who explore the wastelands for salvageable goods. The women on the island serve the purpose of being brides and child-bearers. When they are no longer useful, they take a final draft and die. But when wone of the girls sees something that breaks with everything she knows to be true, the daughters put in motion a revolt that will forever alter the island.


This gorgeously written debut is a hell of a read. I absolutely devoured it and found myself thinking about it even when I wasn’t reading it. It’s part Handmaid’s Tale, part Never Let Me Go, and yet it’s wholly original and harrowing and wonderful. I can’t wait to see what Melamed does next.

What did you read this week?