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What I Read This Week

I’m going to hit my unofficial goal of 365 books read this year thanks to the sheer number of picture books I read, but everything else is still a pretty slow grind for me. Here’s what I read this week:

15797848There’s Someone Inside Your House by Stephanie Perkins: The students at Osborne High School are being brutally murdered. One by one, they’re dying in increasingly gross and macabre ways. But who is the killer, and what is their motive? Time is running out, and secrets are going to be spilled like blood.

Fun, fast-paced, and genuinely scary. Perkins is well-known for her romantic comedies, and here she does something completely different: writes a very compelling horror novel. There are shades of Scream here, and it will keep readers reading until the last few pages. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

Enchanted Islands by Allison Amend: Frances Frankowski was born in Duluth in 1882,26192488 and runs away with her best friend Rosalie when they’re just teenagers. After a betrayal in Chicago, Frances ends up on her own in San Francisco, working for the Office of Naval Intelligence. Then she’s asked to marry an intelligence officer and move to the Galapagos Islands, and Frances’s ordinary life becomes a bit more extraordinary. But both Frances and her husband harbor secrets of their own.

I read this for book club. It wasn’t my pick. It wasn’t for me. It’s historical fiction, based on real-life people (and the subsequent memoir by the real-life Frances), and it suffers from a lack of compelling plotting or even compelling characters. It feels much like a retread of what the memoir must have been, and there’s very little new stuff here to warrant a fictionalized take on it. I was disappointed. And very, very bored.


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