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Internet Things I’m Reading and Thinking About This Week

These are the articles that got me thinking this week.

I Called Hugh Hefner a Pimp, He Threatened to Sue. But That’s What He Was (The Guardian)

This great piece by Suzanne Moore looks at the history of Hugh Hefner, and it’s really well-written and interesting:

Well now there is, of course. But this man is still being celebrated by people who should know better. You can dress it up with talk of glamour and bunny ears and fishnets, you can talk about his contribution to gonzo journalism, you can contextualise his drive to free up sex as part of the sexual revolution. But strip it all back and he was a man who bought and sold women to other men. Isn’t that the definition of a pimp? I couldn’t possibly say.

The Divinity of Dog Writing (LitHub)

This is an admittedly pretty academic piece about humans and how we write about dogs–it looks at a number of authors who have written about dogs–but it’s also super interesting and moving. It begins like this:

Fear of my dog’s death preoccupies me more than fear of my own. It’s not just that it’s nearer or that I’ll live to the other side, where silence will replace the dashing of her paws across the floors. Assuming good health and good fortune, my fiancée and I will decide the time of her end. This is what haunts me: the anticipation of a death for which I’ll bear ultimate responsibility. But caring for a dog means speaking on behalf of an animal who cannot speak. To help a beloved dog die is the final act of this kind of care.

So obviously I’m in it for the long haul with this one.

We Have to Stop Pretending We Can’t Do Anything About Gun Violence (Teen Vogue)

Once again, Teen Vogue doing so much of the heavy lifting:

If there is anything uniquely exceptional about America right now, it is the normalization of record-breaking mass slaughter. Each new tragedy ought to be the too-horrible thing that turns the tide, finally allowing for a total paradigm shift in the way we talk about gun control. It speaks volumes about American culture that extreme violence has lost the capacity to shock. Las Vegas will be no different if we allow our elected officials to go through their ritualized pageant of sending up “thoughts and prayers” while doing exactly nothing.

What did you read this week that got you thinking?


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