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Storytime Recap: Fall/Autumn

Last week’s storytime focused on fall and autumn. We sang songs, read books, and did a bunch of action rhymes about fall.  Here’s how it went:

mouse-first-fallMouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson:
This one was a hit with its bright colored pages and simple text. I had the kids help me find Mina when she hid in a pile of leaves. They loved it.

Who Loves the Fall? by Bob Raczka: They also liked this who loves the fall.jpgone with very simple, rhyming text. The pictures are bright, and the kids liked pointing out what was on every page.

Action Rhymes:

The Wind is Blowing All Around: I had the kids do this one twice so they could get the hang of the hand motions. (Source)

Scamper Little Squirrel: This was my favorite one to do because the kids got so into it. We repeated it so they could really get into it. (Source)

The Leaves Are Falling Down Today (The Ants Go Marching): This one was fun to have the kids stomp around to in a circle. They did great.

I’m a Nut (Clack Clack): This one was a total hit because the kids loved to make the clacking noise at the end. (Source)

Brown Squirrel, Brown Squirrel: For this one, I asked the kids what colors they saw in fall. They did red and then someone yelled green, so we did the song twice with each color. It was very fun and I would definitely use this one again. (Source)

How did it go?

Very well! They were super well behaved for this storytime, sitting quietly for the stories and participating a lot when it was time to do so. It was a total success of a storytime, and I had about 35 kids and caregivers, so we had a full house.



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