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Storytime Recap: Apples

Last week’s storytime focused on apples. We sang songs, read books, and did an activity that involved picking and sorting colored paper apples.  Here’s how it went:

duckingDucking for Apples by Lynne Berry: A cute story about a bunch of ducklings who ride bikes and pick apples. It ended up being too long for my wiggly kids, so we ditched it halfway through, which is new territory for me.  It might work better with a smaller group, because it’s actually a very cute

Orange Pear Apple Bear by Emily Gravett: This silly book features the same four words over and over again in different combinations with pictures to match. It’s cute, pretty, and fun to do with kiddos, who want to point out what is happening on every page. This one was a hit.

applespumpkinsApples and Pumpkins by Anne F. Rockwell: This one is about a little girl who goes with her family to pick apples and pumpkins at a local farm. It’s got bright illustrations and minimal text, and it ends with trick-or-treating, which makes it a good choice for Halloween, too.


Action Rhymes:

“Way Up High in the Apple Tree”: We did this one twice so that the kids could get the hang of it.

“Apple Roll”: We also did this one twice. It was fun to have the kids help with the countdown.

“Applesauce” chant: This is a longer one that had mixed results. There’s lots of reptition, but it also takes forever to get through all the verses. I might want to revisit this one and see if there’s a way to make it smoother.


Apple Sorting: Before storytime started, I went into the meeting room and taped different colored apples made out of paper to the walls at toddler-height. When it was time for them to “pick” the apples, I set up three baskets and told them to come and put the right colored apple into the corresponding basket. It was chaotic but fun!

How did it go?

It went okay-ish. The kids were antsy and I had to give up on a book halfway through. They liked the action rhymes and the apple sorting, but I didn’t love the books I selected as much as I was hoping to. I continue to grow in confidence about storytime, so I’m hoping that it will get better as I have a larger arsenal of themes, books, and songs.



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