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Toddler Storytime: Opposites

Last week’s storytime focused on opposites. I wanted to have a looser theme this week after last week’s theme being solely about owls, and this one afforded me some flexibility. This was also the first week that I instituted rules at the beginning of storytime, and that seemed to help immensely with classroom management.  Here’s some of what we explored:


oppositeThe Hueys in What’s the Opposite? by Oliver Jeffers: This short book takes a humorous look at many opposites and features great cartoons that have a stark contrast, making it easy for kiddos to see it from across the room. They loved it, and it was a great length that kept their focus.big or little.jpg

Is It Big or Is It Little? by Claudia Rueda: Another short book
exploring the concepts of opposites with stark contrast
drawings. The kids liked helping me answer the question of whether or not it was big or small, short or tall, etc.

Which is Round? Which is Bigger? by Mineko Mamada
: Very similar to to Rueda’s book, but the kids love shouting out the answers, so it works for the purposes of this storytime.



Action Rhymes: 

We did “Little Birds, Little Birds” which worked well to get the kids to sit down. This is one to use for transitions in the future. (source)

“I Say Fast, You Say…” I just did a number of these to help fill the time.  The kids loved guessing what I wanted them to say.


“Open, Shut Them” was a huge hit. We did it twice and I’d like to start incorporating it into lots of the storytimes so that we get practice singing the words and doing the actions. We did it twice for repetition and practice. (Source)

“This is Big, Big, Big” was another one that was fun. Many of the kids already knew it and helped me sing and do the actions.  It was fun and I would definitely do this one again. (Source)

How did it go?

This was by far the best storytime I’ve had this season. The rules at the beginning helped, and the books were short enough to keep attention on the story until it was finished. The kids loved the rhymes and the songs, so overall it was very successful. I’m still looking for ways to have the storytime become more interactive, but that has to come with time, practice, and experience.


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