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Toddler Storytime: Owls

Last week’s storytime focused on owls.  Kids were excited about the theme, and one boy told me that he and his mom read “Owl Babies” almost every night before bed.  That was one of the books I picked for the storytime, but we didn’t end up getting to it.  Instead, we read a couple other books and did some fun owl songs.  Here’s some of what we explored:


hoot-and-peepHoot and Peep by Lita Judge: I love this book about owl siblings and differences in personalities, and some of the kids loved it, too. But it turned out to be on the long side for the wiggly toddlers, so I think I might save it for family storytime or even preschool storytime, when the kids can sit a little longer.good night owl.jpg

Good-Night, Owl! by Pat Hutchins: This one worked much
better with the kiddos because it relies so heavily on repetition and is much shorter. I had the caregivers and the toddlers help me read the book by repeating the line, “And Owl tried to sleep” at the end of every page. It was a hit!

Action Rhymes:

We did “Wide-Eyed Owl” and I had the caregivers and the toddlers help me act out all the parts, which went over well.  In the future, I might repeat the rhyme 1-2 more times so the kids have enough time to get used to the switching motions. (Credit)

We also did a variation of “5 Little Owls” with felt owls I made based on a pattern I found on Pinterest. A lot of the kids wanted to hold the felt owls as I peeled them off the board. I wish I had had the resources to make a tree and some other scenery to help build the story, but since this is my very first round of storytimes and I’m working with a meager collection of felt pieces, I had to go with what I had time to make. (Credit)


We did the Owl Hokey Pokey because the kiddos were super restless.  They liked it, but it didn’t seem to calm them down at all–it may have made it worse!

How did it go?

On the whole, it was a rocky storytime for me. The kids couldn’t sit still for all of Hoot & Peep and the caregivers weren’t proactive in helping to regulate the bodies of their toddlers. For the time being, I need to plan for short books and more songs and action rhymes with a group this wiggly.  I also need to look into developing a set of rules for the half hour as part of a classroom management strategy.

I’m still new at this, so we’ll see how this develops moving forward.


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