What I’m Reading and Thinking About This Week

These are the things that I read and subsequently thought about this week.  Without further ado:

Nobody’s Damsel Study Looks at Modern Female TV Characters and the People Who Love Them (The Mary Sue)

This summary of findings from a recent study (being published soon) about what people want from modern female TV characters is pretty interesting:

The most unexpected (and exciting) part of Nobody’s Damsel, for me, was its findings about the 13-17 demographic, also known, terrifyingly, as Generation Z. The study showed that these teens, in contrast to viewers 25 or older, “want to see men in roles that are traditionally reserved for women, while they prefer to see women in leadership positions usually filled by men.” Generation Z was also more likely than any other age group studied to “strongly identify” as feminists. Way to go, youths!

They also interview the conductors of the study.  It’s interesting stuff.

An Open Letter to the Bellas (Pitch Perfect 2): Y’all Know Y’all Lost, Right? (Black Nerd Problems)

I actually just rewatched Pitch Perfect 2 and was sort of horrified by how much worse the casual racism came across when I wasn’t ensconced in a movie theater.  The movie contains exactly none of the first film’s magic or wonder, and the music isn’t as fun, either.  On the whole, it’s actually kind of embarrassing to watch?  So when I stumbled across this open letter this week, it resonated:

Bruh, after the performance Germany’s Das Sound Machine did? If I was in the audience I would’a took down my “Go Bellas” sign, made sure no red, white, or blue was on me, and brushed up on a British accent because that’s how bad America got clapped. It was that brutal, dude. I ain’t seen America take a hit like that since the selfie stick. I ain’t seen America take a hit like that since 35 seconds ago when one of our politicians or celebrities probably said something ignorant or problematic.

At any rate, this is a funny open letter.

You’re the Worst is TV’s Most Accurate Depiction of 21st Century Dating (AV Club)

Are you watching You’re the Worst yet?  Because you should be.  It’s hilarious and smart and edgy.  The second season premiered this week, and it’s still great.  This piece over at the AV Club looks at its portrayal of commitment-phobic assholes (everyone on the show fits their namesake) trying to be in relationships:

In this way, You’re The Worst shows that modern-day relationships are less plagued by technology and more plagued by fear of giving in. 2014’s rom-sitcoms tried to capitalize on the new dating environment: Selfie, in particular, attempted to connect to its audience with its knowledge of Instagram and an immense vocabulary of buzzwords and references. For as good as the references in You’re The Worst are, it’s also proof that a television show doesn’t need to be so jargon-heavy to be relatable. It needs to show what people are like, and what young people are like in relationships is “fearful.”

This is a really thoughtful and well-written piece about the show, so even if you think the show isn’t for you (it is certainly for me, another person who self-proclaims “I’m the worst”), I encourage you to check out this article.

What got you reading and thinking this week?


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