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My Weekend in Pop Culture

Here are the noteworthy pop culture items I consumed this weekend:

The Heartbreakers by Ali Novak: I went into this one knowing that it was going to be a super easy read, and it was.  Novak’s book is about a normal teenage girl who ends up falling for a dude in a super popular boy band (like, One Direction level of fame), and though it reads as wish-fulfillment fan fiction at times (I’m pretty sure the Heartbreakers ARE an idealized version of 1D), it’s also compulsively readable and teens will eat it up.  Novak started the novel as serialized stories on Wattpad, and there are definitely times where this feels very much the case still, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun anyway.

Fear the Walking Dead: J. and I definitely tuned into this new show, a ftwdspin-off of The Walking Dead, last night.  It’s pretty rare that I watch anything live these days, but this was appointment TV for us.  I’m not sure about it yet, but pilots are notoriously hard to make good, so I’m willing to stick with the series.  I’m totally into the idea of starting from the beginning of the outbreak instead of how TWD started, so here’s hoping it’s a lot of fun.  I had nightmares last night, so the show succeeded on that level.

What pop culture did you consume this weekend?


3 thoughts on “My Weekend in Pop Culture

  1. I’m almost nervous to see Fear the Walking Dead tonight, given the unimaginative title, and everything I’ve read about it today.

    My pop culture was taking my friend to see San Andreas in the second run theatre, re-watching It Follows (still don’t like it), trying to watch Ouija (eurgh), getting halfway through Seveneves, making progress on Ready Player One, finishing Seeing Evil.

    1. I think Fear the Walking Dead has a lot of potential but has yet to find its footing. Much like its parent show, in a way. It took a while for The Walking Dead to find its stride (second season was terrible).

      I loved It Follows! But my boyfriend hated it. Different strokes, I guess.

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