My Weekend in Pop Culture

These are the pop culture goodies I consumed this weekend while in the throes of pretty crippling back pain (lift heavy, deal with the fallout I guess):

royal painsRoyal Pains, Season 2: Last night, I described this show to J. as being like oatmeal: it’s bland and predictable, but it’s also totally comforting.  The show follows a pattern in every episode and you know that everyone is going to be okay, but it still remains watchable, especially when you’re mildly distracted.  I’m tearing through the episodes on Netflix as a result.

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari: I’m really enjoying this funny, smart look at dating and love in the modern age.  Ansari’s book is much more researched than I realized, and he’s taken pains to really explore what it means to search for love in an era where there’s a deluge of choice.  Every page offers actual insight as well as laugh out loud humor, and on the whole it’s a delight to read.

rickiRicki and the Flash: Saturday was wicked hot, so my mom and I had a date to go to the movies (she currently has no air conditioning).  We went to see Ricki & the Flash because we love Meryl Streep, emotionally-wrought family dramas, and knew no on else would see it with us.  And we loved it! It’s written by Diablo Cody but is a departure from some of the other stuff she’s written, and it’s sweet and kind of silly and so fun to watch Meryl sing again.  I really liked it! The perfect way to while away a super hot summer afternoon.

What pop culture did you consume this weekend?



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