pop culture

Movie News and Randomness

Here’s some movie news to get you through this Thursday.

1. Joy Trailer

The film stars Jennifer Lawrence and reunites her again with David O. Russell.  It looks…unconventional, kind of?  It’s about a woman who rises up from a poor childhood to invent a miracle mop.  I will see it because I love Lawrence, but I don’t expect to be blown away by the film.

2. The Young Kieslowski Trailer

Super indie with this one, with virtually no names I recognize, but I’m interested to see the exploration of two teens in the aftermath of an unwanted pregnancy.

3. Sisters Trailer

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are sisters (go with it) and have to clean out their childhood home.  Instead, they decide to throw a rager.  The film looks dumb and super funny, and I can’t wait.

4. Goosebumps Trailer

I just.  What? Why. What? WHY.

5. Slow Learners Trailer

It stars Adam Pally, and I am there.  That’s really all I need.


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