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My Weekend in Pop Culture

It was another busy weekend, but I managed to squeeze in a few pop culture things.  This is what I consumed this weekend:

finding-carterFinding Carter, Season 1: I started watching this MTV show this weekend after seeing some excellent recaps of it on  The show is not what I’d call GREAT by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m enjoying the complexities the show presents re: kidnapping, how children are raised, etc.  I find Cynthia Watros’s face really distracting, and the eponymous Carter is supposed to be 16 but looks about 30 (she’s 24 in real life I guess).  I will definitely keep watching.

The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West: This is the second book I’ve read by West, and she continues to impress the hell out of me by creating smart, funny romance novels for teens.  This one is no exception, and she makes the slightly far-fetched plot work so well.  It’s compelling, fun, and a quick read.  Wholly satisfying.

What pop culture did you consume this weekend?


3 thoughts on “My Weekend in Pop Culture

  1. I enjoy Finding Carter as well, and yes her face is distracting but boy is she fit for almost 50. I envy her.

    And whats with everyone reading Teen romances, show me a good old adult romance. (no not 50 shades)

    1. I like a good teen romance every now and then, especially because my focus has always been on YA librarianship. But I also like adult romances, which are different from erotica like 50 Shades. If you want a good adult romance and like contemporary stories, I think Kristan Higgins is great, as is Susan Elizabeth Philips.

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