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My Weekend in Pop Culture

It was a super busy weekend, but I still managed to get in a few pop culture-y things:

annieAnnie (2014):  I watched this disasterpiece while I was getting ready for a wedding this weekend, and I meant to tweet out a dumb joke like, “Why didn’t anyone tell me that the remake of Annie was a MUSICAL?!” but then I forgot to do it, so here it is for posterity.  At any rate, the movie is embarrassing to watch, because the adult actors in it are TERRIBLE.  When Rose Byrne starts singing and the auto-tune is overpowering, I actually burst out laughing and then looked away and cringed.  NOT GOOD.

American Savage by Dan Savage: This came in for me at the library, and I’m enjoying the hell out of it.  I’m about halfway through and think his essays are smart, funny, and very worthy of the time it thinks to read and think about them.  He has a lot of good things to say about politics and relationships, and even when I don’t fully agree with him, he gives me tons of food for thought.  I highly recommend this one.

What pop culture did you consume this weekend?


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