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What I’m Reading and Thinking About This Week

These are the things that got me reading and thinking this week:

How Hollywood Taught Rebel Wilson to Lie About Her Age (Buzzfeed)

If you’ve been following the news of a source “revealing” that Rebel Wilson has lied about her age, then this is an interesting piece worth reading.  Anne Helen Peterson is great and I will read anything with her byline.  This piece takes a critical look at Hollywood’s expectations on women throughout history:

Our expectation for total transparency when it comes to celebrities’ histories is a relatively new phenomenon, borne of the ease with which anyone can play amateur archaeologist with another’s past. “Authenticity” is no longer judged by a star’s commitment to her art, or an ability to portray the truth of an experience through that art, but the absolute fidelity with which she has represented every aspect of herself.

It’s a really, really interesting piece and well worth your time.

Why Does Being Single Still Feel so Pathetic? (Dame Magazine)

This thoughtful piece about a new book by Kate Bolick, called Spinster, asks some interesting questions about the identities of women in the modern age, namely: are women people yet?

Which is to say: Are women able to develop identities that are independent of their relationship status—wife, mother, singleton, etc.—or are we still primarily defined this way?

There’s a lot of really good criticism here, as well as links to other super smart women exploring the topic.  The article ends with this thought:

It’s not Bolick’s fault that male desire shelters women from scorn. But until women writing about singleness no longer feel compelled to set themselves up as the cool girl who either has a man—or could get one at any time—I’d say the answer to her question is no, we’re not people yet.

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