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What I’m Reading and Thinking About this Week

I’m all over the place this week in a scramble to get ready for a girls’ trip to Chicago, but here’s a short (VERY SHORT) roundup of the links I was thinking about this week.

The Jinx is Better Than Any of You Whiners (The Toast)

I basically mainlined The Jinx this week and am still thinking about it.  Nicole’s hilarious recap of the show’s pretty shocking conclusion is perfect:

But Nicole, what if Robert Durst had killed someone else during the two years or whatever after the filmmakers found the envelope?

(He didn’t, though!)

What if Robert Durst killed someone during the thirty years after the cops failed to catch him? Oh, wait! HE KILLED TWO MORE PEOPLE.

Do you know whose literal job it is to catch murderers? It is the job of the police!

If you have access to HBO or HBOGo I strongly suggest you check it out.  It’s only 6 episodes and it is GREAT.

Overcoming Books by Judging Their Characters (Book Riot)

Just a really interesting and thoughtful look at how we think about books based on the characters within them.  There’s a good bit about how much harder female characters have it (it’s just like real life!), but also this great bit:

So when I jump into a new world in a book, and the main characters aren’t people I could see myself hanging out with in real life, this unconscious string of judgements begins to take hold, until it gets to the point where I might even brush off any future works by an author simply because of the characters they write. In many cases, it isn’t even about how the character was portrayed, or whether the author was fair – it’s about how I felt about the character on a personal level.

What got you reading and thinkingthis week?


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