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February 2015 Recap

I was pretty productive, pop culture wise, in the year’s shortest month.  Here’s what I got up to:


Best Book of the Month: Girl Before a Mirror by Liza Palmer

Books Read: 19
Adult: 10
MG: 0
YA:  8
Children’s: 0
Fiction: 14
Non-fiction/Memoir: 4
Graphic Novel: 0
# of Pages Read: 4223

Thoughts on February’s Reading:

  • Much of this month’s success is due to reading a bunch of SVH.  I fell off slightly this month in terms of outside reading, but it’s still pretty good considering the slide I fell into late last year.
  • I’m still firmly entrenched in the adult fiction world, which means less YA than usual, though I expect that to pick back up as more titles I’m excited about are released this year.



  • J. and I finished Friends and have fallen into a TV slump as a result.  We’ve both been watching our own stuff on our own and very little together.
  • I watched the entire first season of You’re the Worst (kind of love it) and also re-watched the entire Sex & the City series (haters to the left).
  • We’re still watching The Walking Dead every week, and I keep up with The Fosters, Switched at Birth, Hindsight, Broad City, and Empire on a weekly basis, too.  Everything else languishes on the DVR.


amiraBest Movie(s) of the Month: Amira & Sam

Movies Watched: 14
New: 11
Re-Watch: 3
Theater Trips: 1

  • Just one theater trip this past month to see the mess that was Jupiter Ascending.
  • Much of what I watched was in preparation for the disappointing Oscars, and most of those movies were pretty underwhelming, but I mostly liked The Theory of Everything and Boyhood was ok.
  • I loved, loved Beyond the Lights.

Goals for March:

  • I’m hoping for 2-5 non-fiction books read, as well as 10 fiction books knocked out.
  • Another 10 movies down would be excellent, too.
  • These goals are generally the same, month-to-month.

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