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My Weekend in Pop Culture

These are the pop culture items I consumed this weekend.

lockeLocke: J. and I watched this quiet, smart little movie and both generally liked it.  It’s remarkable in many ways, not least of all because Tom Hardy is the only person onscreen the entire time.  The movie takes place in real-time in Hardy’s car, and it features the voice work of a lot of other people, but you never see them.  It’s intense and interesting and I’m glad I saw it.

Sex & the City: I’ve been mainlining episodes of Sex & the City because sexcityI’m in a pretty large pop culture rut, and it’s been the perfect bit of escapism during the cold weather.  I finished it last night and sort of feel adrift once again, looking for another piece of pop culture comfort food to consume.  The show wasn’t always great, but it was fun to revisit it with a slightly different (read: even more feminist) lens.

What pop culture did you consume this weekend?


One thought on “My Weekend in Pop Culture

  1. I Watched the excellent 2001 BBC2 production of Conspiracy. A bunch of Nazis sit around a dining table drinking wine and glibly discussing the extermination of twenty million people. Kenneth Branagh is stunning, as is Stanley Tucci. Plus for you Downton fans, there’s the bonus of Mr. Bates as an murderous SS thug. On Amazon Prime.

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