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My Weekend in Pop Culture

These are the pop culture goodies I consumed this weekend.  It was all Oscars, all the time.  Without further ado:

theoryThe Theory of Everything: I liked this movie more than I expected to, but the bar was set so low that it’s not really that surprising in retrospect.  I think the performances were the best thing about the movie and that’s not something I thought I’d ever say about Eddie Redmayne, ever.  Overall an enjoyable and interesting biopic, if a little timid.

The Imitation Game: I don’t know, guys.  This one was mediocre in so imitationmany ways, and weirdly not compelling, despite the fact that Cumberbatch is good and Knightley does the most she can with what she’s given (stare longingly at machines and Cumberbatch).  Her Oscar nomination is sort of head-scratching, but that’s not her fault: it’s just a nothing role.

boyhoodBoyhood: I tweeted some jokes while I was watching this one, and while I was in it, I wasn’t really enjoying it.  But having some distance from it has made the film grow on me, ever so slightly.  I still think it’s too long and I still think it’s incredibly self-indulgent and largely goes nowhere, but I also think all of that is intentional, so let’s give credit where it’s due.  Patricia Arquette is the best thing in it by a long, long shot.


What pop culture did you consume this weekend?


One thought on “My Weekend in Pop Culture

  1. I plan to watch all of these when I get a chance. I look forward to “The Theory of Everything” the most because I’m a long time fan of Hawking. He was dealt a bad hand and played it like a Royal Flush.

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