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January 2015 Recap

Here’s what I got up to in January: major inroads in reading diversely and a whole slew of movies, too.

Best Book of the Month: Through the Wood by Emily Carroll

Books Read: 22
Adult: 14
MG: 1
YA: 7
Children’s: 0
Fiction: 16
Non-fiction/Memoir: 6
Graphic Novel: 1
# of Pages Read: 6,038

Thoughts on January’s Reading:

  • Whatever slump I was facing down at the end of last year seems to have dissipated since the start of this one.  I read voraciously this month, choosing mostly stuff that I ended up loving! I read a lot of non-fiction, and all of it was of the feminist persuasion.
  • I’ve been on an adult kick, too, which has limited how much YA I’m reading these days.  That being said, the standout novel this month was a YA graphic novel.



  • I’ve been chugging away at Friends since it debuted on Netflix at the beginning of January.
  • I’ve also dipped my toes into The 100, which is totally dumb but a good time suck, and a few episodes of Blackish and Jane the Virgin.


Best Movie(s) of the Month: Selma

Movies Watched: 11
New: 11
Re-Watch: 0
Theater Trips: 2

  • I made several trips to the theater this past month, and saw Selma and Into the Woods
  • Most of what I watched this month was pretty great.  I really enjoyed Dear White People and Whiplash.
  • Less great was This is Where I Leave You, which I have completely forgotten about since watching.

Goals for February:

  • I’m hoping for 2-5 non-fiction books read, as well as 10 fiction books knocked out.
  • Another 10 movies down would be excellent, too.

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