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Movie News and Randomness

It’s been a minute since we did a roundup of the movie news that has me all excited.  Here are five tidbits that I’m currently excited about.

1. Girlhood Trailer

This trailer is short and doesn’t feature any discernible dialogue, but it’s compelling all the same.  It’s a look at a group of black girls living in a rough neighborhood in Paris, and it’s done by director Celine Sciamma.  It looks very intriguing.

2. Hailie Steinfeld to star in YA adaptation I’ve never heard of

Not that that’s out of the realm of possiblity, but it is weird to me that I haven’t heard of the book this new movie is based on.  The book, published in 2003, is called Carrie Pilby and is about a Harvard graduate who has no social skills.  I mean, I’m already signed up based on that (and also it’s a woman-centric production team), but I actually might argue that the novel isn’t YA? It doesn’t look like it was actually published as YA, either.  UGH. (The Mary Sue)

3. Woman in Gold Trailer

This movie stars Helen Mirren and Ryan Reynolds and looks like it might be good or might be terrible.  I can’t really tell yet.  But Hollywood loves a post-WWII movie, and this one fits the bill.  I’ll probably see it because why not?  It’s got art and Mirren and a mismatched duo!

4. While We’re Young Trailer

The trailer for this movie looks pretty promising.  The film stars Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver, and Amanda Seyfried as two couples who form an unlikely friendship.  It looks like it examines getting older, making hard choices, etc.  But it’s by Noah Baumbach and while I wish the women looked like they had more to do in it (this is true of 99% of movies, though), I’ll definitely be checking this one out.

5. Sisters Teaser Trailer

This one looks pretty silly.  I don’t have a lot else to say as of right now.



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