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My Weekend in Pop Culture

Back to work after a long and much-needed vacation.  Le sigh.  Here’s the pop culture I consumed this weekend.

intothewoodsInto the Woods: I finally got to see this, and I wasn’t disappointed.  I’ve never seen the actual stage show, so I have no frame of reference, but it was a fun, diverting, very Disneyfied musical.  Everyone in it looks like they’re having fun, and it was very well cast.  Definitely not for people who don’t like musicals (J. sat this one out, obviously), but otherwise a lot of fun.

Friends, Season 1: It’s on Netflix, and I’m like a pig in shit.  What’s friendsinteresting to note is that some aspects of the show don’t hold up very well: the stuff about lesbians is tired and kind of homophobic, a lot of the other jokes are pretty dated, and it is seriously the whitest New York I’ve ever seen (and I watch Girls, so…).  But it’s still fun to revisit the show from the beginning.  Ross is still the creepiest sad sack ever.

Heroes are my Weakness by Susan Elizabeth Philips: The first book I completed in 2015 was this excellent romance novel by romance genre master Phillips.  Clearly drawing from the gothic romances of the past, this fast read was a total pleasure to read, full of plucky heroines, dashing heroes, and genuinely witty banter.  It’s not one of my normal reads but was a great vacation escape.

What pop culture did you consume this weekend?

2 thoughts on “My Weekend in Pop Culture

  1. I also noticed Friends was on Netflix and thought about watching it since it was such a thing back when. I”ll have to give it a try but I’m not to fond of dated humor so I appreciate your saying so.

    I started watching New Girl. It’s hilarious and I’d recommend it.

    1. I think that Friends still has a lot of really funny moments, and there’s definitely a reason why it’s such a beloved sitcom and has had such lasting cultural appeal and significance. It’s just interesting to watch it as an adult in a more critical way than I did when it originally aired.

      And New Girl is great! Especially the first two seasons.

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