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My Year in Pop Culture

These are the highlights and lowlights of my year in pop culture.


Overall Reading:
Total Books = 200
Total Pages = 54,417
Avg Days Per Book = 1.8
Avg Pages Per Day = 149
Best Reading Month: March (30)
Worst Reading Month: November (8)

Favorite book of 2014: Pointe by Brandy Colbert

You can see my favorite albums of 2014 here.
Best Podcasts of 2014:  Serial, Call Your Girlfriend
Favorite video: “Chandelier” by Sia


Total Movies = 111
Theater Trips= 9
New Movies= 59obvious child
Rewatch Movies= 52
Average Movies per month= 9
Best Movie Month= December
Worst Movie Month= March

Favorite movie of 2014: Obvious Child

Pop Culture Goals for 2015:

  1. 100 books
  2. 100 movies
  3. Continue to keep track of both

Happy 2015, everyone!


3 thoughts on “My Year in Pop Culture

  1. 100 books would be my ultimate DREAM! I clock in between 12-15 a year that’s it!! Feel free to check out my 2014 round up…I voted Sia as best album! The cracks and breaks in her voice are like a full bodied goose bump suit! xo

    1. Yeah, I can’t wait to see what Brandy Colbert does next. And it was a good year for dance music! I love Sia so much.

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