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My Weekend in Pop Culture

Here’s the pop culture I consumed this weekend.  Without further ado:

crossroadsCrossroads: Yeah, I watched the Britney Spears movie because it’s finally, finally on Netflix.  I haven’t seen it since it came out (I saw it in theaters on opening night and I stand by this decision with no apologies whatsoever), and it is actually better than I remember?  Don’t get me wrong: it is still absolutely TERRIBLE, but because there was such a low bar to clear, it was actually super enjoyable.  Weirdly, the day after I watched the movie, I was listening to a podcast that referenced a drinking game for the movie (take a drink every time someone wears cutoff jean shorts, take a drink every time Britney sings for no reason…) and I want to watch it again? I’m nearly 30 and still love movie-based drinking games.  No regrets.

Don’t Starve: I’m still obsessed with this excellent, smart game.  I’ve don't starvelogged an embarrassing number of hours on the game, and I still discover new things to do with it.  So yeah, I’m into it.  If you like roguelike games or survival games, this one is worth a try. The graphics are super interesting and there’s so many things to do with it.  It’s like Minecraft, kind of?

The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters: I’m very early into this novel, but I’ve heard such good things about it that I am hoping I love it.  It’s making many best-of lists of the year, and it’s well outside my normal genres, so not only am I branching out, but I’m getting a jump start on some of my reading goals for the next year.

What pop culture did you consume this weekend?

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