pop culture

My Weekend in Pop Culture

I had a super busy weekend but because of the snow, I spent some time on the couch (at least during the day) watching a couple of things.  I also had a ton of car time because of said snow.  Here’s the pop culture I consumed:

serialSerial podcast: Uh, I devoured all of the available episodes this weekend.  Because we got hit with some snow and I was determined to make it to all my weekend engagements, I spent double the usual amount of time in the car this weekend, giving me ample time to enjoy (is that the appropriate word here?) this excellent series.  If you like true crime at all, you need to listen to this.  I can’t wait to see how the rest of the episodes go. I’m OBSESSED.

princessThe Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement: I needed
something to watch while I was baking for a party this weekend, and this was completely mindless background noise.  I haven’t seen this one since it was originally released, and holy fuck is it problematic (and also generally terrible).  Everyone in it looks embarassed to be in it.  Amazing.

youveYou’ve Got Mail: Despite being written by the amazing Nora Ephron, I feel comfortable saying that this movie is the literal worst.  Everyone in it is horrible.  Meg Ryan’s “cutesy face” is the grossest, and Tom Hanks’s smug rich-boy thing is terrible.  UGH THE WORST.  WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF.

What pop culture did you consume this weekend?


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