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Movie News and Randomness

I think it’s high time for another installment of movie news and blather.  Here are five movie-news related things I’m excited (or apathetic) about this week.

1. Very Good Girls Trailer 

The movie stars Elizabeth Olson and Dakota Fanning as two best friends in the summer before they leave for college.  They make a pact to both lose their virginities and then become interested in the same dude.  Which, okay, could be sort of irritating if the cast didn’t look so awesome and the music wasn’t done by Jenny Lewis.  Bonus: it’s a female director, and the movie actually looks super awesome.  It’ll be available on VOD June 24th before getting a limited theatrical release.

2. Lupita Nyong’o to star in Americanah

The book is sitting next to my bed.  It has to be one of the books I tackle this summer. At any rate, I was excited by this news. (Vulture)

3. Obvious Child Trailer

This film, starring Jenny Slate, is getting good buzz and looks awesome.  It’s about a comedienne who gets fired, pregnant, and dumped all right before Valentine’s Day.  I can’t wait to see it.  Like, cannot wait.

4. DVDs are pretty much obsolete

Invest in digital content (or don’t?).  There isn’t anything here that’s shocking, but it is interesting nonetheless.  (CinemaBlend)

5. Begin Again Trailer

The jury’s still out on this one for me, mostly because I just can’t get behind Keira Knightley no matter what.  But I love Mark Ruffalo, and I liked the movie Once, so this one will be seen by me, at some point.  I’m nervous, though, and there isn’t anything remarkable about Knightley’s singing “voice.”



One thought on “Movie News and Randomness

  1. I don’t necessarily think DVDs are obsolete just yet. I still like having a physical copy of some things in case the zombie Apocalypse rolls in and I don’t have Internet access….

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