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Movie News and Randomness

It’s Memorial Day, and since I’m off work, it feels like a good day to talk about movie stuff.  Here’s the latest movie news that’s got me excited.

1. Happy Christmas Trailer

Look, not everyone is going to love a mumblecore movie.  But I loved Joe Swanberg’s Drinking Buddies, so I’m thrilled to see him re-team with Anna Kendrick in Happy Christmas, due out this June.  It’s about a screw-up (Kendrick) who moves in with her brother, his wife, and their kid.  It looks pretty good, though.  It’s got a great cast.

2. Veronica Mars is getting a web spin-off

It will star Dick (Ryan Hansen) and will be something like 6-8 ten-minute segments.  I guess I’m just sort of wondering, why?

I…think this is a mistake. (THR)

3. Interstellar Trailer

This is Christopher Nolan’s follow-up to the Batman franchise, and it’s definitely getting a lot of attention.  Basically the world is out of food and we need to leave. A pilot and a ragtag crew volunteer to figure out the whole interstellar space travel thing.  The film stars a bunch of people and is out in November.  I will see it, despite legitimately hating Matthew McCoughnahey.

4. Magic Mike 2 is a Thing Happening

For whatever reason ($$$$$).  Steven Soderbergh won’t direct it (smart), but he will serve as cinematographer (less smart).  Whatever.  I just can’t. (Screen Rant)

5. Third Person Trailer

The film seems to star a ton of people, including Liam Neeson, James Franco, and Mila Kunis, and is about three different love stories?  At any rate, it looks interesting.


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