Fall’s New TV Shows I Will Probably Watch at Least Once

Last week I did some basic coverage of the network upfronts, but I wanted to go a little bit more in-depth into some of the shows that I’ll probably end up watching (at least once).  This time, with trailers (where they exist)!


Jeezy Chreezy does ABC have a lot of clunkers lined up for this fall season.

How to Get Away with Murder (drama)

This will be the third soap from Shonda Rhimes on the network (and they’re all on the same night, which is smart).  The legal thriller stars the fantastic Viola Davis as a litigator slash professor at a competitive law school.  I’m in.


Galavant (comedy)

This looks like a hot mess.  It’s the show that was described as The Princess Bride meets Camelot and is…a musical?   It’s a half-hour show, I don’t expect it to be around long, and I’m embarrassed by the trailer alone, so yeah, this one is going to be a lot of fun.  I’m not sure why the video isn’t embedding, but there’s the link above if you hate yourself.


Probably nothing, because ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The CW: 

Every year, I feel like I’m too old for The CW, and while that reasoning is probably true, it doesn’t stop me from watching ABC Family, so…not exactly air-tight logic.  At any rate, I don’t watch any shows on The CW currently, but there are a few I’ll probably watch, Tweet about, and make fun of.  Here are the new shows ordered for the fall I’ll be tuning in for.

Jane the Virgin (comedy)

I’m using the term “comedy” lightly, since there isn’t a single second of the teaser trailer that is actually funny so much as horrifying, but since that’s what the network is calling this hour-long show, we’ll go with it.  It’s about a girl named Jane who is a virgin and gets accidentally inseminated.  I’m not even joking.  It’s going to be TERRIBLE.  Like, legitimately awful.  And I can’t wait.

iZombie (drama)

Oddly enough, there’s no trailer for this one yet, which is a TBD midseason replacement show for the network.  I thought there was, because I’ve literally gotten like a dozen updates about the status of this show through the Veronica Mars Kickstarter newsletter (something that SHOULD NOT HAPPEN EVER).  It’s helmed by Rob Thomas and looks mildly interesting?  I might actually really like it, I’m just so irritated about the blatant self-promotion Thomas did with the newsletters that I’m crabby about it.  It’s about a zombie who solves murders.  Seriously.


Gotham (drama)

In all honesty, this is probably more of a J. show than anything, but it looks good enough for me to give it a try.  I really like Ben McKenzie, so whatever.  It’s definitely very self-serious.

Hieroglyph (drama)

I’m not sure who thought this was a good idea, but I kind of don’t care because it looks so completely BONKERS.  Also? Kind of racist?  But whatever, it’s going to be a complete mess and I can’t wait.  It won’t be around long (how can it be?), but it’s going to be epically terrible.

There are a few others without trailers, including Red Band Society and Weird Loners that I’ll probably tune in for, too.


A to Z (comedy)

Pretty standard rom-com fare that I’m clearly the target demographic for, because I will be watching this one.

Marry Me (comedy)

Again, terrible. Again, I’m the demo. But I love Casey Wilson and Ken Marino, so I’m in.

State of Affairs (drama)

I like Katherine Heigl while also realizing that she’s inherently unlikable at this point.  It’s weird to put her as the lead in a show that’s so completely unremarkable that I forget what this one is about the second I finish reading about it, but I’ll still watch it because…I will.


2 thoughts on “Fall’s New TV Shows I Will Probably Watch at Least Once

  1. Okay, don’t tell anyone but I’m a sucker for those damn romantic comedies. A to Z and Marry Me, like you said, look terrible but I’ll totally be watching them.

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