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What I’m Reading and Thinking About This Week

Here’s what I’m reading and thinking about this week.

Why Aren’t Teens Reading as Much as They Used To? (NPR)

A very brief report about a new study put together by Common Sense Media that finds that reading amongst teens is way, way down.  Okay, nothing particularly new here.  And although the article hints at this, it doesn’t tackle the thing that always strikes me when I read studies like this:

What are they defining as “reading”? Because it isn’t the same as it used to be.  Because of the advent of digital media, traditional book-reading is down.  But are we counting time teens spend online, reading articles or posts or whatever as time spent reading?  Because we should be.  I read a lot of books, but I read even more stuff online.  If you count that as part of my total reading time, it more than doubles.

Feminism’s Obsession with Celebrity: It’s Time to Stop Making Our Pop Stars into Political Icons (Salon)

This piece is largely a response to the internet freak out last week when Shailene Woodley declared herself “not” a feminist because she “loves men.”  Look, I freaked out about it, too, partly because it was a RIDICULOUS thing to say and partly because I love getting worked up into a tizzy.  But this article is full of things to think about with regard to the idea of feminism and how we talk about feminism:

Woodley’s misunderstanding of the term “feminist” won’t make or break the movement, but continuing to rely solely on celebrities for our definition of feminism might. What would a publication that ignores the ubiquitous celebrity feminism wars look like? The rest of the demands from Ladies Home Journal protest are strikingly modern: more women writers, more women writers of color, free employee daycare, fair wages, and non-romantic stories.

At any rate, it gives you a lot to think about.  I think it’s overlooking one of the biggest reasons we freak out when celebrities say dumb things about feminism–they’re a public figure and therefore influential, and especially in this case influential to a very young, impressionable audience–but I also think it makes some really great points.

Your Top 10 Books of 2014…So Far (BookPage)

You all know I love a good list, especially when it comes to books.  So this list of the best titles of 2014 (so far) was bound to cross my path eventually.  My thoughts?

I haven’t read a single title on the list.  But I guess I should?  I’m not sure.  Hello, indecisiveness.

What did you read this week that got you thinking?

2 thoughts on “What I’m Reading and Thinking About This Week

    1. I think I actually have an e-ARC of that one, and I just haven’t gotten to it. Which is pretty indicative of where I’m at, with the backlog of ARCs.

      Let me know if it’s any good!

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