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First Look: The 2014 Network Upfronts: ABC, CBS, and TNT

Continuing where I left off earlier this week, here’s my quick takes about the network upfronts for CBS and ABC.


  • As far as cancellations go, I’m sad to see Trophy Wife get the ax.  That was a pretty cute, if totally innocuous, show.
  • New show Galavant sounds like a hot mess, being described as “literally Spamalot meets The Princess Bride.” Um, okay?
  • A fairly diverse crop of new shows are on the roster, including the legal drama Cristela and John Cho comedy (?) Selfie.  I’ll check both these out, probably.
  • Shonda Rhimes has another show on the roster, called How to Get Away with Murder.  I hope it’s as ridiculous as Scandal, with less annoying side characters.

I’ll have more thoughts on these shows and the ones I didn’t mention once I can watch the teasers for them.  In the meantime, let’s check out what CBS has to offer me (spoiler: not a lot).


  • I’ll stick with The Good Wife until it dies.  Forever.
  • Actually, I think that’s it for CBS.  What a snoozefest! I thought about tuning into the How I Met Your Mother spin-off, but it wasn’t picked up.


  • I decided to include TNT just because.  I’m not really sure why, but CBS was pretty boring, so why not?
  • The network is launching a brand refresh, trying desperately to attract younger viewers.  The new tagline?  “TNT Drama. Boom.” NOW THAT’S A BILLION-DOLLAR TAGLINE!!!!
  • Of note: an adaptation of its movie The Librarian, called The Librarians, starring Noah Wylie.  I will watch.

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