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First Look: The 2014 Network Upfronts: NBC and FOX

It’s no secret that I love the Network Upfronts more than I should.  I watch a lot of TV, but probably not as much as many others.  That being said, there’s something about the annual upfronts that I just love.  It’s probably mostly the promise of new shows (most of which will fail, and many of which are terrible) that excites me.  At any rate, I like to track the coverage of these upfronts as the networks unroll their new fall schedules.

Yesterday, NBC and FOX unveiled their new line-ups.  Here’s what I found noteworthy for both.


  • Community has been cancelled, officially.  I am not sad about this, despite having once loved it.
  • Parks & Recreation will be back mid-season for a final, abbreviated seventh season. This makes sense to me.
  • Parenthood will also get a final season, which makes me very happy.
  • There are some new shows that have piqued my interest, but it is very preliminary: this includes the Rashida Jones comedy A-to-Z (terrible title, btw), the Katherine Heigl drama State of Affairs (this is likely to be TERRIBLE), and the Casey Wilson-backed Marry Me (probably also terrible).

Overall thoughts: NBC pulled ahead in ratings this year, and they actually are shaking up their schedule quite a bit for the fall.  I’m excited to see some female-driven shows on the roster, but I’m very, very nervous that they will all be terrible.  Expect a deeper look at the new shows once we have teaser trailers for them and more details.

Here’s the trailer for Gotham, just to have something besides text to look at.


  • Interesting note: FOX decided not to do pilots this season, instead choosing a few projects to green light for series right away.  It’s a ballsy move.
  • I obviously still watch The Mindy Project, so I’m stoked that’s got another season.  I care less about New Girl, but will probably continue to watch it because it precedes Mindy.
  • New series that I’m keeping an eye out for include the Batman prequel Gotham, Gracepoint (which is a remake of the BBC series Broadchurch), and teen-sudser (?) Red Band Society, which is about a group of teens who meet in a children’s hospital.
  • There’s also mid-season replacement Hieroglyph, which I will watch because anything about ancient Egypt on FOX is guaranteed to be HILARIOUS.
  • Word is that Fox no longer wants Glee to have a final season 22-episode run, so it will be interesting to watch that sinking ship.



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