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April 2014 Recap

Another month gone.  It was a slightly slower month in reading and watching.  I did do a lot of cross-stitching, though.  Hmm…  Let’s get to it!


Best Book of the Month: Pointe by Brandy Colbert: This one knocked me over.  It was so, so good.

Books Read: 18
Adult: 5
YA: 12
MG: 1
Children’s: 0
Fiction: 16
Non-fiction/Memoir: 1
Graphic Novel: 0
# of Pages Read: 4921

Thoughts on April’s Reading:

  • As far as non-fiction goals go, I read only one title–Sex After: How Intimacy Changes as Life Changes, and it was interesting but ultimately not super memorable.
  • I didn’t read much in the way of new YA fiction outside of SVH novels, but the ones I did read this month were knockouts: both Pointe by Brandy Colbert and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han were great (in very, very different ways), and Capricious by Gabrielle Prendergast was pretty great, too.
  • Although I’m still plugging along on my recapping of Sweet Valley High novels for my other blog, I’m not as into it as I was before, which is why my numbers are much lower this month.



Much as I’d like to, I’m not obsessively tracking what TV show episodes I watch and when.  So this will be mostly bullet points.

  • J. and I have been re-watching The Office for no good reason other than I wanted to and he was willing.  We tend to watch this when we’re both working on other things.  When he’s not around, I’ve been re-watching Parks and Recreation in hopes of eventually catching back up.
  • Weekly must-watches for us include Orphan Black, Game of Thrones (although I’m increasingly less enamored with this), and The Good Wife.
  • I still watch The Mindy Project every week.  I don’t care about New Girl at all anymore, and while I’ll probably catch up eventually, it’s super, super low on my list of priorities.


shorterm12Best Movie(s) of the Month: Veronica Mars

Movies Watched: 5
New: 2
Re-Watch: 3
Theater Trips: 1

Thoughts on Movies Watched in February:

  • Not a stellar month for movies.  I’m not sure why.
  • Short Term 12 is the clear winner here.  If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it, and it’s streaming on Netflix for your viewing pleasure.

Goals for May:

  • Continue reading and watching diverse things.  Keep up with keeping track.  Try to squeeze in a few more movies.

Happy reading and watching, readers!


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