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Where Are They Now? Roswell (2014 Edition)

Blogger’s note: I originally published this post on May 1, 2010.  Since then, it’s consistently been one of my top posts on the blog.  Who would have thought, right? At any rate, I decided that it was time to update the information on here.  Without further ado, here’s the post with some updates from the past four years.

Roswell was a teen soap about alien hybrids living in Roswell, New Mexico that aired on the WB from 1999-2002.  I posted about the show and why it was awesome, and now I thought I’d follow that up with a post about where the cast is now, more than 10 years after it premiered.  Let’s get to it.

Shiri Appleby (Liz Parker)

Shiri Appleby was 21 when Roswell premiered.  The show certainly gained her more notoriety than she’d had before in her career, and during the course of Roswell, she made some movie called A Time for Dancing with Larissa Oleynik, as well as playing the girlfriend to Jesse Bradford in the teen-thriller Swimf@n (currently sitting on my DVD player at home).

After Roswell, she continued working pretty steadily with roles in a bunch of movies that I’ve never seen, including The Battle of Shaker Heights, Havoc, When Do We Eat?, and Charlie Wilson’s War (oooh.  I saw that one!)  She also had a multi-episode arc on E.R. Then, Shiri landed a starring role in the CW’s Life Unexpected.  The show aired for one season (and you should be able to stream it on Netflix) before getting the ax, but the critical reception was largely positive.  After that, Appleby had recurring guest appearances on Franklin & Bash and Chicago Fire, did a couple shows I’ve never heard of (Dating Rules from my Future Self), and most recently appeared in several memorable episodes of Girls and an episode of Elementary.  This is her official Twitter account, if you’re interested.

FUN FACT: Appleby auditioned for all three female leads in Roswell several times before being cast as Liz.

Jason Behr (Max Evans)
One of the older cast members, Jason Behr was already 26 when Roswell premiered.  Behr wasn’t a stranger to the WB network at the time, having had guest-starring roles on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, 7th Heaven, and Dawson’s Creek.  (The WB was known for recycling talent.)

After Roswell, Jason found work in movies, with roles in The Grudge, Skinwalkers, and D-War.  He continued to work in both television and movies, with one of his more recent projects being a TV movie called Company Man opposite Castle‘s Stana Katic.  His most recent credit is from 2012: a show called Breakout Kings, in which he appeared in 5 episodes.

Although my 15-year-old self loved Max, I always found the other characters more compelling.  I will give a shout-out to Behr because he’s from Minneapolis, which is totally awesome. (The picture on the right is Behr with his wife, actress KaDee Strickland.)

FUN FACT: He speaks Japanese.

Katherine Heigl (Isabelle Evans)
Katherine Heigl was 21 when the show started, and she was without a doubt the person whose beauty was supposed to be part of her character.  Isabelle often worried her parents by dating men who were considerably older, but she was so beautiful and looked so much older than a seventeen-year-old that it’s no wonder the writers played it up.

Before Roswell premiered, Heigl did several movies, including one of my all-time biggest guilty pleasures, My Father the Hero, as well as Bride of Chucky and the weird and yet somehow still enjoyable Disney movie Wish Upon a Star.

After Roswell, Heigl is the actress who has gone on to have the most mainstream professional success, landing a lead role as Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy, starring in Judd Apatow’s love-it-or-hate it Knocked Up, and finding  a niche in mediocre-t0-downright-awful romantic comedies, including 27 Dresses, The Ugly Truth, Life as We Know It, New Year’s Eve, The Big Wedding, and One for the Money. Heigl has several projects in the works, including the movies North of Hell and Jenny’s Wedding (both in post-production at the time of this writing).  Her official Twitter can be found here.

FUN FACT: She was engaged to co-star Jason Behr during while filming Roswell.

Majandra Delfino (Maria DeLuca)
Majandra Delfino was the youngest cast member, auditioning for the series when she was just 17.  Before Roswell, she landed a role in the movie Zeus and Roxanne, and was in several episodes of The Tony Danza Show.

During Roswell, she appeared in several movies, including Traffic and R.S.V.P. (as well as Shriek If You Know What You Did Last Friday the 13th, which I’ve seen).  In addition to singing on the show, she also released an album called “The Sicks.”

Post-Roswell, Majandra continued to work in TV and movies.  She starred in a TV-movie called Celeste in the City, released a second album in 2008 called “Tarte,” and was in several short-lived shows, including Quarterlife and State of Georgia (I might be the only person who watched this, and it was solely because of Delfino).  She had a small role in Life as We Know It (also starring Katherine Heigl), has appeared on a few episodes of Men of a Certain Age, an episode of The Office, and seems to be working on a TV show in pre-production (as of this posting) called Friends With Better Lives.  Her official Twitter account can be found here.

FUN FACT: She was briefly married to Devon Gummersall, who played Brian Krakow on My So-Called Life.  Also, she’s my secret favorite.

Brendan Fehr (Michael Guerin)
Brendan Fehr was 22 when Roswell premiered.  Before the show, he guest-starred in an episode of Breaker High (YES!), had a small role in Disturbing Behavior, and guest-starred in a number of other TV shows.  A transplant from Canada, his big break definitely came in the form of Roswell.

During the course of the show, Fehr also made several movies, including Final Destination and The Forsaken.Brendan_Fehr

His career after the show has included a bunch of movies and projects I’ve never heard of, as well as a stint as a series regular as Dan Cooper on CSI: Miami, several episodes of something called Samurai Girl, and a multi-episode arc as Booth’s brother on Bones.  He’s made some TV movies, including a sequel to The Cutting Edge. Guest spots on Nikita and Longmire seem to be it for recent TV appearances.  However, he seems to have a couple of movies (that look like straight to DVD/streaming releases to me) out this year, including Roswell FM and something called Zarra’s Law. Surprisingly, he has an official Twitter here, and based on his Twitter bio, is pretty into religion. Huh.

FUN FACT: He’s from Canada.  That’s all I got.

Nick Wechsler (Kyle Valenti)
Nick Wechsler’s Kyle Valenti started as a character that served mostly as a foil to Max and his romantic aspirations with Liz, but he evolved into an essential part of the group whose humor and warmth were undeniable.  When the show premiered, Wechsler was 21.  Before joining the cast, he was a regular on Team Knight Rider and played a “mugger” in TV movie called Full Circle.

After Roswell, Wechsler continues to work in both TV and film, landing guest spots on a variety of TV shows, including Tru Calling, North Shore, Cold CaseLie to Me, Without a Trace, and It’s Always Sunny….  The last time I posted this, I begged for someone to ‘give this man a show already,’ and I guess someone listened, because Wechsler is currently a series regular on Revenge.  Here’s his official Twitter.

Fun Fact: He auditioned for at least 4 different roles on Roswell before snagging the part of Kyle.

Colin Hanks (Alex Whitman)

hanks1Colin Hanks (yes, son of Tom Hanks) got his start in movies with a bit part in his father’s excellent That Thing You Do! but landed his first breakout role at the age of 23 with the start of Roswell.  Geeky friend to Liz and Maria, Alex was kept in the dark for a lot of the show before suffering aGeorge Pimentelterrible demise.

During the course of the show, Hanks starred in two pretty mediocre teen movies: Whatever it Takes and Get Over It.  After Roswell, Hanks starred in Orange County, had a pretty funny appearance on The O.C., and has appeared in a slew of movies, including The House Bunny, W., and The Guilt Trip.  He’s also been in a bunch of TV shows, including a recurring guest spot on Mad Men (as a priest), a pretty terrifying, rercurring turn on Dexter as a serial killer, some episodes of Burning Love, and a few episodes of NCIS. IMDB tells me that he’s got a TV series called Fargo in pre-production right now. Here’s his official Twitter.

Fun Fact: Both Hanks jr. and sr. have been contestants on Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me’s “Not My Job” segment, and both won their respective quizzes.

Emilie de Ravin (Tess Harding)

deravin1Emilie de Ravin wasn’t an original cast member but joined the show fairly early on.  She was 21 when the show premiered.  Easily the most divisive character on the show, Emilie de Ravin’s Tess mainly functioned as a way to separate Max and Liz from their true love.  It’s a thankless role, and de Ravin played it well, though her American accent (de Ravin is a native Australian) often distracted.  At any rate,

deravin2Tess was the fourth alien the original three didn’t know about, and she claimed that she and Max were destined to betogether on their home planet.  There’s also that part where she was a psycho killer, but whatever.

Before landing the Roswell gig, de Ravin had a recurring role on the awesomely named BeastMaster.  Post-Roswell, de Ravin has been able to find quite steady work, including series’ regular status on Lost and Once Upon a Time.  Perhaps best known now for her work on Lost, de Ravin has also had roles in some mainstream movies, including The Hills Have Eyes, Remember Me, and Brick

Her official twitter account can be found here.

Fun Fact: She’s allergic to peanuts. Eh?

So there you have it: the updated compendium of Where Are They Now? Roswell Edition.


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    1. Definitely a guilty pleasure kind of show. I actually just rewatched a few episodes (because they’re streaming on Netflix) and it’s still immersive for me–but I think that’s largely due to nostalgia.

      Thanks for the comment!

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