January 2014 Recap

Somewhere over the course of last year, I lost the plot with regard to monthly recaps of what I’d be reading and watching, and that’s too bad.  I actually really like these posts to help me reflect on the past month, in terms of what kinds of media I’d been consuming.  So, with the start of a new year and a fresh resolve to track more thoroughly what I’m reading and watching, here’s my attempt at starting up these monthly recaps again.


Best Book of the Month: Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery by Robert Kolker

Books Read: 18
Adult: 7
YA: 5
MG: 3
Children’s: 3
Fiction: 14
Non-fiction/Memoir: 4
Graphic Novel: 2
# of Pages Read: 4855

Thoughts on January’s Reading:

  • I’m trying to read more non-fiction this year without actually making it a hard-and-fast goal, and my default is memoir, of which I read several this month.  But I also read Robert Kolker’s true-crime non-fiction Lost Girls, and it was a standout.
  • A lot of the YA I read this month is scheduled to come out later this year.  E. Lockhart’s We Were Liars is sure to be a critical success (and maybe a little polarizing), while Ava Delaira’s Love Letters to the Dead was a total disappointment.
  • I started the month by reading a bunch of the Alice series by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, which is partly why my overall numbers are so high this month.  I fell away from them early on, though, and since I”d like to finish the series this year, I should probably try to tackle a few more of those soon.



Much as I’d like to, I’m not obsessively tracking what TV show episodes I watch and when.  So this will be mostly bullet points.

  • J. is still supporting me as I slowly trudge through Breaking Bad.  We’re up to season 3 now, and while I can see how the show is quite masterful, I also don’t think it’s any fun to watch.  I’m determined to finish it, though.
  • I’ve become OBSESSED with The Good Wife, and whizzed my way through three seasons this month.  J. is on board now, too, which means that I’ve slowed down how many I’m getting through so I can wait to watch with him.
  • I also still watch American Horror Story: Coven, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Parenthood, Girls, and Switched at Birth.
  • I’m also doing a re-watch of Veronica Mars to gear up for the movie, and I’m participating in the beta-forums over at Previously.tv so I can talk about it with other Veronica Mars geeks.


way way backBest Movie(s) of the Month: Enough Said, The Way Way Back

Movies Watched: 15
New: 11
Re-Watch: 4
Theater Trips: 1

Thoughts on Movies Watched in January:

  • We watched quite a bit of horror in January, including both Insidious movies and the Carrie remake.  All three were pretty terrible.  The Carrie remake was particularly egregious, because I just can’t figure out what the point was of remaking it (okay, I know, money, whatever)
  • I finally, finally got around to seeing Austenland, and it was TERRIBLE.  Just, like, the worst.  I texted my sister about it, and she agreed, adding that it seemed like the screenwriter just gave up halfway through.

Goals for February:

  • Continue reading and watching diverse things.  Keep up with keeping track.

Happy reading and watching, readers!

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