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Movie News and Randomness

It’s been a while, so I figured it’s time for another roundup of the movie news that’s got me all atwitter.

1. Kids for Cash Trailer

This documentary/thriller focuses on a “scandal that rocked the nation” wherein a judge accepted money to put kids in juvenile detention centers.  This is honestly the first I’ve heard about it, but it looks really interesting, and totally gripping.

2.  Golden Globes are this weekend!

Oh, hey, did you know that this Sunday is the Golden Globes?  This is like my Oscar pre-show, you guys.  I’ll be glued to my TV, watching Tina Fey and Amy Poehler rock it.  (THR)

3. Brightest Star Trailer

Um, it has Chris Lowell in it, which means I’m automatically there.  The supporting cast is great: Clark Gregg and Allison Janney.  While the movie itself looks a little played out to me (boy loses girl and discovers she was wrong for him all along or whatever), I’ll definitely be watching this one.  How can I not?  It’s in theaters and on iTunes January 31st.

4. Paranormal Activity Creators Totally Know How Franchise Will End

My guess is that it has something to do with every last dollar being squeezed out of it, but what do I know?  At any rate, one of the dudes talks to Screen Rant about the future of the series.  Does anyone else think this was a weird time of year to release the latest film?  J. and I have seen all the other ones, and I’m sure we’ll see this one, too, but it’s totally the wrong time of  year for a scarefest.  (ScreenRant)

5.  Gimme Shelter Trailer

It looks…fairly manipulative.  But it’s interesting to see Vanessa Hudgens (and Rosario Dawson) in grittier, meatier roles.  I like the largely-female cast, and it’s the kind of story I don’t mind being manipulated by.  I’ll definitely be seeing this one.

What movie news are you excited about this week?  What did I miss?


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