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What I’m Reading and Thinking About This Week

Take a break from reading the deluge of “Best of” lists and check out the OTHER articles I’ve been reading and thinking about this week.

Why I Keep Coming Back to Smoking (The Atlantic)

This beautiful think piece over at the Atlantic hits home for me, because I loved smoking.  While I was never the kind of smoker that Kelly Quirino was, I empathize with her commentary about what smoking allows us to do: sit outside and stare at the sky.  You’re still doing something because you’re smoking.  And it’s true: smoking is whatever you want it to be: celebration, mourning, contemplation.  I miss it every day, and I don’t see that ever going away.

What Does it Even Mean to be a Needy Girl? (Jezebel)

You know “That Girl” this article is talking about.  Chances are, if you’re female, you’ve been accused of being “needy” at some point, probably because you wanted to talk about something for more than five seconds or asked for someone to pay attention to your, um, needs at one moment or another.  This piece over at Jezebel takes a good hard look at what exactly it means to be the “needy” girl, and why it’s okay for you to be her.

But what the fuck is needy anyway? It means having needs. The connotation, of course, is that you have too many needs, but it’s tough to find an exact number of needs it’s OK to have. One need, only on Sundays after dinner? Three needs a week? Annual Needs Fest Where All Needs Are Met, Then Never Referred to Again?

The internet is indeed rife with advice on how to be less needy, because if there’s one thing a man hates, it’s a needy girlfriend! Whatever.  This shit makes me crazy angry.  It doesn’t help that nearly all the advice about how to be less needy is FUCKING TERRIBLE.  This piece offers a different view: maybe you’re perceived as “needy” because you know what you want and ask for it.  In that case, keep on keepin’ on.

The Top 10 Oral Sex Scenes (Salon)

Can we all agree that the MPAA is AWFUL?  They have a serious problem with sex, especially if it includes any sort of female pleasure.  I’ve written about this before.  They still suck, and I think they’re completely useless in this day and age.  But this roundup of the most memorable oral sex scenes in movies is delightfully celebratory of how completely ARCHAIC and UNNECESSARY the MPAA is.

I’ve seen most of these movies, but it’s always interesting to revisit what’s shown and what isn’t.

What did you read this week that got you thinking?


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