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Movie News and Randomness

Time for another installment of Movie News and Blather.  You ready? I AM!

1. A.C.O.D. trailer looks awesome

The movie premiered at Sundance this year to good buzz, and it boasts an amazing cast , including Adam Scott, Catherine O’Hara, Richard Jenkins, and Amy Poehler.  It also has my girl-crush to end all girl-crushes: Jessica Alba.  A.C.O.D. stands for Adult Child of Divorce, and the movie looks to examine how a child of divorce grows up an navigates the world.  Except, you know, in a funny way.  At any rate, I can’t wait to see this one.

2. Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places gets a cast even though Gone Girl hasn’t even been released yet

I guess people are really on board the Gillian Flynn train, huh?  The movie has an impressive cast, including Charlize Theron and Chloe Moretz.  I’ll probably see it.  Probably.  (Variety)

3. C.O.G. looks like a can’t-miss movie for David Sedaris fans

I guess this week it’s all about the acronyms, because C.O.G. (that’s Child of God), an autobiographical movie about David Sedaris’s early life, looks to be pretty great.  Jonathan Groff stars in the lead role, but there are a bunch of people in supporting parts that are great, too, including Casey Wilson and Denis O’Hare.  I’m not a huge fan of movies about religion in general, but this one looks really smart and funny.

4. What exactly is J.J. Abrams’s new teaser The Stranger for?

Instead of linking to the teaser, I thought I’d link to Entertainment Weekly’s theories about what exactly the teaser is for.  I’m less interested in the trailer itself, not only because it’s another story about a man (presumably white), and I’m kind of tired of those stories.  But I am interested in how something like this gets talked about and speculated on, because, wow.  Well played, Abrams.  Well played.  (EW)

5. How I Live Now trailer: goosebumps

You guys, how do I even talk about this one.  If you haven’t read Meg Rosoff’s weird, beautiful, haunting book that the movie is based on, go and do it right now right now right now.  I’m sure the movie won’t live up to the book, but I’m still going to see it and enjoy the hell out of it.



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