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Things I’m Reading and Thinking About This Week

These are the things that I’ve been reading and thinking about this week while I’ve been avoiding all the things I probably should be doing.

Washington Post Columnist: I Am a ‘Racist’ (ThinkProgress)

Think Progress is one of my favorite news sites because they’re left-leaning (and unapologetic about it), have good writers working for them, and have their finger firmly on the pulse of popular culture and all it extends to, including politics, race, gender, and so much more. This piece is enraging and thought-provoking all at once.

Juror B37 and the Racist Complicity of White Womanhood (The Modern Switch)

Probably one of the more difficult pieces I’ve read this week, The Modern Switch’s post on being complicit to a white supremacist society serves as a great reminder and a wake-up call to me about my own privilege.  As someone who believes in intersectionality and considers herself an intersectional feminist, this is the kind of stuff I need to keep in mind and more actively practice.

White Kids and Black Kids: Different Talks (The Root)

I’ve been really struggling with the decision in the Zimmerman case this week, and I’ve shared my frustrations with my mom, who sent both me and my sister this article about how to talk to kids about this and other sensitive topics.  There’s some great advice in this extremely accessible article, and a lot of it is applicable even if you don’t have children.  An awesome resource for a tragic event.

The Pixar Theory (Jon Negroni)

This one has definitely been making the rounds on the internet the past couple of days.  Chances are you’ve already seen other people posting about it, but if you haven’t actually taken the time to read Negroni’s detailed, lengthy post about the connections between all the Pixar movies, it’s definitely worth your time.  Interesting, intriguing, and totally diverting from the other articles I posted today.

Yeah, I’ve been fairly focused on race this week.  What have you been reading?


One thought on “Things I’m Reading and Thinking About This Week

  1. Thanks for the links. Just read a little of the first, very thought provoking, will look forward to having a good dig into all of them a little later. Much appreciated.

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