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Movie Blather & Randomness

Time for another installment of movie news and blather, where I bring you all the movie news that’s fit to print (or at least what I find interesting).  Without further ado or preamble, let’s get right into it!

1. The Great Gatsby Trailers Get Crazier

I’m not entirely sure what it is about the trailers for Baz Lurman’s The Great Gatsby, but each one makes it look a little crazier.  Last weekend, I saw a trailer in the theater for the movie and couldn’t stop laughing, much to the amusement (and bemusement) of my friends.  I can’t wait to see it, but my expectations are that it’s going to be a complete disasterpiece.  What do you think?

2. Carrie Gets a Trailer

So the first official trailer for the Carrie remake is live, and the result is…not great?  It sort of looks like exactly what you’d expect.  I suppose there’s no need to worry about spoilers (and most trailers these days don’t do that, anyway), but it doesn’t seem as though there’s anything to really look forward to.

3. Veronica Mars Movie YAYAYAYAYAY

Since it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted about movies, I haven’t been able to talk about the Veronica Mars movie, which is definitely happening and is likely to be super awesome.  The Kickstarter campaign to raise funding ended last night, and it was record-breaking.  I contributed, and I can’t wait to see the movie when it comes out next spring.  In the meantime, I’ll continue re-watching the series with J., hoping he loves it as much as me.

4. The Conjuring Looks Kind of Scary?

The horror movie The Conjuring is brought to us by the creator of the uber-bloody Saw series (and also Insidious).  Another haunted house story, this one has Lili Taylor and Ron Livingston living in a house unsuitable for pretty much everyone.  Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga play paranormal investigators (based on real-life paranormal investigators).  The movie comes out in July, which isn’t a great sign for a horror movie, but a strong cast might make it worth seeing.

5. The Purge is More HORROR

In that same vein, check out the trailer for The Purge, starring Ethan Hawke (who seems to have found his calling after last year’s Sinister).  This one is all about what would happen if the government sanctioned a 12-hour window for all crime to be legal each year.  Non-criminal citizens are encouraged to lock themselves up in their homes, but who do you trust?  Eh.  We know I’ll watch this.

What movie news are you excited about this week?




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