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YALSA’s The Hub Reading Challenge

I’m woefully behind on actual blog posts.  This is mostly because I am insanely, undeniably, totally busy.  However, I did want to post about YALSA’s very cool reading challenge that just started this week.  Hosted by The Hub, the challenge asks participants to read or listen to at least 25 titles on the recently released best-of lists.  For a full list of the applicable titles, check out the pdf here.

You don’t have to be a YALSA member to participate.  All you have do to is leave a comment at the announcement post and then track your progress however you’d like.  The Hub will post an check-in every Saturday from now until June, when the challenge ends.  Simply track your progress and connect with other readers.

It’s looking to be a fun challenge.  I’m personally hoping to read some Alex Award winners, because it’s something slightly different for me.

Are you going to join up?  


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