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Book Review: Bad Hair Day by Carrie Harris

Kate Grable has scored an internship shadowing the county medical examiner as part of her school’s pre-med program (we’re assuming that high schools have pre-med programs, I guess).  When he’s arrested for murder, she’s left with the bodies.  Then her brother Jonah finds a dead gamer girl, and Kate starts to realize that someone is killing kids–and whoever is doing it is really, really hairy.  Is it a werewolf?  Kate’s skeptical, but if she doesn’t solve the mystery, kids are going to keep dying.

Harris’s follow-up to the frequently funny Bad Taste in Boys starts where the first one left off.  In this very short, very entertaining novel, readers are treated to more of Kate’s geeky science-nerd desire to know what is going on.  Readers also get more time with Kate’s funny younger brother and Kate’s eclectic group of friends.  There’s a lot of the same stuff here, and when it works, it works well.  This is fun, frothy horror-humor.

The novel is definitely campy, but its tongue-in-cheek approach makes readers aware of the fact that the novel knows just how campy it is.  The plot starts rolling right away and doesn’t let up, which should keep even the most reluctant reader hooked.  There aren’t a ton of other titles like this for contemporary YA fans, so this one should stand out in that respect.

Funny, smart, and accessible for younger readers, this one should work for fans of the first in the series and anyone looking for a lighter side to their humor.  The novel is so fun that even the fact that the plot is far-fetched doesn’t really matter.

Bad Hair Day by Carrie Harris. Delacorte Press: 2012. Electronic galley accepted for review via NetGalley.

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