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Movie News and Blather

It’s time for another installment of movie news, where I bring you the latest-ish news about movies.  Are you ready?

1. Admissions trailer stars two awesome people

This one is mostly for my mom, who loves Paul Rudd (I do, too, okay?).  It looks a little too earnest, but I love so many of the people in it that I’m willing to put that aside and just enjoy the movie.  What do you guys think about this one?

2. There is definitely a Jumanji remake happening

Comingsoon.net is reporting that Zack Helm (Stranger Than Fiction) is writing the remake of Jumanji (based on the book and the film from 1995).  WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY? (comingsoon.net)

3.  The Host trailer looks ridiculous

I’ll be honest–I never made it through Stephenie Meyer’s book.  I feel like this movie has been in production forever, but it makes sense that they’d start the push for this movie now that the Twilight franchise has been exhausted (seriously, have you guys seen the last movie yet? What a shit show!).  I don’t even know if I’ll see this one in the theater–it might be a DVD sort of movie–but it’s worth blogging about for the pop culture factor alone.

4. In Rage-Filling News, Hush, Hush is going to be a movie

Yeah, Becca Fitzpatrick’s completely problematic YA series is being adapted into a film franchise.  I was really hoping this was a series that would go away, but apparently that was too much to ask, because it’s being worked into a movie series.  I can’t even. (comingsoon.net)

5. Do we care about The Croods Trailer?

Do we?  I really like Emma Stone, but do we care about another animated movie?  I don’t know.  The trailer is worth a watch, at any rate.

What are you excited about this week?