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Movie Blather and Randomness

Gentle readers, it’s time for another installment of movie blather and randomness, wherein I give you the latest (or latest-ish) news relating to all things movies.  Without further ado, let’s get to the news!

1. For a Good Time, Call… Trailer is raunchy, silly, and kind of awesome?

I didn’t really think much of this film when I saw the posters for it, but I finally watched the trailer, and I have to say, I wouldn’t be opposed to watching this one.  It looks like it might be a total raunchfest, which I’m okay with.  There have been a slew of articles over the past week or so comparing this one to the (terrible) movie Bachelorette, saying that these are the movies that Bridesmaids paved the way for.  I’m not sure about that, but I’ll still see this one.

2. Metacritic’s Fall Movie Preview

The site has all kinds of goodies, from trailers to release dates.  I love the start of each season, because it means that someone, somewhere, is creating a list of movies/books/music being released in that season.  Metacritic is my favorite resource for movie and music news, so this round-up of what’s to come is a great thing to have at your disposal.

3. V/H/S trailer is terrifying

Have you guys seen the trailer for this? I’m a total sucker for things like this, and unfortunately I don’t have a lot of brave souls in my life who will watch these sorts of movies with me, but I’m determined to watch this one (it might have to happen in the middle of the day in a brightly-lit room).  It’s certainly not genre-defying, but it looks like it might be satisfying in that really-scary way that so few movies are.

4. The Brave Little Toaster is getting a reboot, studios continue to rape our childhoods for profit

Word on the street (which street, I’m not sure) is that The Brave Little Toaster is getting another reboot.  This time, the film will be a “CGI/live-action hybrid,” and that sound you heard was me dry-heaving.  I don’t understand what the point of remaking a movie like this is, because surely there can’t be that much demand for it?  Will I see it?  Probably, but I’ll hate-watch it like a CHAMP. (the Wrap)

(Also, does anyone remember that scene with the quicksand or mud or whatever? Still terrifying.)

5. The To-Do List redband trailer is live

This movie stars Aubrey Plaza as a girl determined to lose her virginity.  It boasts a fairly impressive comedic cast and is garnering good buzz.  I personally can’t wait to see this, as I love Plaza and this is the type of movie that I not-so-secretly love.

Anything I missed this week?  Movies you’re most looking forward to seeing?