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Viewed this Week (20)

Inspired by Ticket to Anywhere’s What I Watched, I’ve decided to try to post on Sundays about what movies and/or TV shows I watched the week before.  Some weeks will be epic, and some weeks…won’t be.  There’s no hurt in trying, though, right?

A bunch of Switched at Birth, Season 1

Looking for Alibrandi
The Hunger Games
Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part I

Thoughts on what I watched:

In desperate need of total distraction, I’ve been rewatching the first season of Switched at Birth (which is a nice way to refresh myself before the new season starts in like a week).  I still totally love the show but also think it’s kind of ridiculous.  As I’ve watched the episodes again, I’ve found that the faces Daphne makes when she’s supposed to be nervous, uncertain, or uncomfortable are sort of odd.  It’s like she graduated from the Ben McKenzie school of acting, circa the first season of The O.C.  Whatever. I still love this show.

My sister reread Looking for Alibrandi and then insisted on watching the film version, so the two of us watched it this week.  Despite the fact that the movie switches around a lot of the events (and lessens the emotional impact of many of the book’s subplots), it’s a pretty faithful adaptation of the source material (and the script was written by Marchetta herself).  It was fun to revisit a movie that I loved when I was about 15.

She and I also watched The Hunger Games, even though we’d both seen it.  Rewatching it was emotional, but not as much as it was the first time through.  I still think this is one of the strongest book-t0-movie adaptations I’ve ever seen.  I love it.

While watching THG, we started talking about Twilight, and when I explained the birth scene in Breaking Dawn, my sister insisted we watch the movie.  So we did.  The entire time we were watching it, T. was exclaiming, “This is a joke, right? This can’t be real. This is awful.”  In short, it was an amazing viewing experience.  Awesome.


What did you watch this week?


2 thoughts on “Viewed this Week (20)

    1. There definitely was, but because it was an Australian release, I’m not sure it ever got much publicity here. I used to have a VHS copy of it, and I’m pretty sure you can watch the entire thing on Youtube (for the time being).

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