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Viewed This Week (19)

Inspired by Ticket to Anywhere’s What I Watched, I’ve decided to try to post on Sundays about what movies and/or TV shows I watched the week before.  Some weeks will be epic, and some weeks…won’t be.  There’s no hurt in trying, though, right?

The L.A. Complex  2×4 – “Be a Man” and 2×5 – “Taking the Day”
Bunheads 1×8 – “Blank Up, it’s Time” and 1×9 – “No One Takes Khaleesi’s Dragons”

The Bourne Legacy

Thoughts on what I watched:
These two episodes of The L.A. Complex felt a little dragged out to me.  I realize that part of my problem is I don’t find Abby at all compelling, and they’re giving her way too much screen time, although the weird Christian threesome she’s found herself a part of is sort of silly-funny.  Before the most recent episode I was convinced I hated Sabrina, but her chemistry with Nick is so great that now I kind of like her.  I’m sort of rooting for the two of them now. I still love this show and still think it’s pushing the limits week after week, but I feel like it’s getting a little lost in its own stories.

Bunheads continues to underwhelm, but I can’t seem to quit it.  I wish they had cast anyone but Chris Eigeman as the new director that Michelle hooks up with, because, like, gross.  That was a lot of commas. I know. But while Eigeman does the rapid-fire Sherman-Palladino dialogue pretty well, he also totally skeeves me out (and I have never, not once, bought him as a straight man in a show).  When Sherman-Palladino first started casting Gilmore Girls alums on the show, I was amused, but bringing Sean Gunn in feels like overkill.  Loving the Game of Thrones references, though.

There’s a chance that I saw Manhattan years ago, but I barely remember it and it might be a case of pop culture osmosis.  At any rate, I watched it this past weekend and felt really conflicted about it.  There’s no doubt that it’s one of Woody Allen’s best films.  It’s also incredibly funny, smart, and achingly real when it comes to relationships.  But all that being said, I struggled with Allen’s character and his motivations, and I worry about what the message of the film is supposed to be.  Either way, I recommend it.

I went and saw my secret boyfriend Jeremy Renner in The Bourne Legacy, and I was totally let down.  Not only was the movie incredibly short on plot, but it lacked any of the spark that made the original franchise so much fun.  Rachel Weisz and Renner had no chemistry, nothing any of the computer drones said made any sense (and I didn’t believe they knew what they were saying, either), and it was too damn long.  Ugh.  When will my streak of seeing bad movies in the theater end (hint: when I stop choosing stupid movies)?

Bachelorette isn’t out in theaters yet, but it’s available On-Demand.  The movie is sort of a Bridesmaids knock-off, and that’s about the best thing I can say about it.  Even though it stars a bunch of people I really like, including Lizzy Caplan, Adam Scott, and Rebel Wilson (along with a slew of other people), the movie is a total mess.  Everything about it feels unfinished and gross and catering to the lowest common denominator in a way that Bridesmaids didn’t.  I hate to even compare it to that movie, but I feel like I have to since it’s so obviously what this movie is aspiring to be.  Skip this one.  Trust me.

What did you watch this week?


3 thoughts on “Viewed This Week (19)

  1. I am bummed about “Bachelorette.” Wanted it to be good. Especially the English girl. But you saved me the admission price and two hours of time.

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