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Viewed this Week (17)

Inspired by Ticket to Anywhere’s What I Watched, I’ve decided to try to post on Sundays about what movies and/or TV shows I watched the week before.  Some weeks will be epic, and some weeks…won’t be.  There’s no hurt in trying, though, right?

Bunheads 1×6 – “Movie Truck”
A bunch of Buffy, Season 2
The L.A. Complex 2×2 – “The Contract”


Thoughts on What I Watched:
This week’s episode of Bunheads was by far the strongest of the season.  Not only was having Fannie take a vacation a great idea, but it allowed Michelle to really develop without her stifling presence.  Michelle’s developing relationship with Truly is one of my favorite aspects of the show, and I’m all about having more Truly on the show all the time (the girl nails her delivery every single time).  I also think this was the best week for the bunheads, in terms of story lines.  While Boo and Sasha continue to dominate the screen in terms of plot, the four girls are developing a nice rapport together.  Also, as weird as Sasha’s dance was at the end, I kind of loved it.  If every week could be like this, I might end up actually sort of missing it when it’s gone.

The roommate and I have been watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer because she’s never seen it.  We made it through season 1 fairly quickly and are onto season 2.  I’m enjoying watching it with someone who has never seen it before.  I love season 2, so this is pretty fun for me, too.

I continue to love The L.A. Complex much more than I should.  While I find some of the characters’ stories much more compelling than others, I’m riveted when Kaldrick is onscreen.  I’m so sad for him, and I think that Andra Fuller is doing an unbelievable job every week in making the character sympathetic and really, really screwed up.  I also love watching Jewel Staite.  That actress? Should be getting more work than she does.

What did you watch this week?


2 thoughts on “Viewed this Week (17)

    1. It’s so much fun to revisit it. My roommate can’t wait for me to be home and is flying through second season, but just catching an episode now and then has been really great.

      It’s embarrassing how many lines I remember from the show, though.

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