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Thoughts on the Emmy Nominations

You knew it was coming, right?  Every year, the list of nominees for an award show is announced, and it seems like everyone has to weigh in on it.  This is me throwing my own hat into the ring.

There’s no way for me to know for sure which way Emmy voters will go, and I hate being wrong, so I’m not really predicting who I think will win so much as who I’d like to see win.  I’ll also probably complain about people/shows who were snubbed.  Also, I’ve omitted categories I don’t care about.  It’s my blog, I’ll omit if I want to.

For a complete list of nominees, check out the Primetime Emmy Awards official site.

Outstanding Comedy Series

Perhaps this category’s biggest surprise is that Parks & Recreation wasn’t nominated…and it should have been.  While I thought that Girls was very good and started to find its footing, it was still too uneven to take this one home.  I haven’t watched Veep but have heard good things, and I’m tired of Modern Family (and don’t think it’s as funny as it used to be and is actually increasingly problematic).


Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy

You guys, if this goes to anyone besides Amy Poehler for Parks & Rec, there’s something very wrong with the world.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy

I think this will probably end up being Louis C.K.’s year, but I was super pumped to see Don Cheadle nominated for his work on the really excellent House of Lies.  I can’t even talk about Two & a Half Men.  WHY?

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy

I’d like to see Kirsten Wiig get it simply because it was her last season on SNL, but it’s more likely to go to one of the ladies from Modern Family.  Also, I predict that Kristen Wiig’s hair will be weird and her dress will be in the beige family.  You heard it here first.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy

A staggering four people from Modern Family are up for this one (seriously? SERIOUSLY?), and the only other nominees are Max Greenfield from New Girl and Bill Hader from SNL.  I’m rooting for Greenfield, because not only is he hilarious as Schmidt, but he’s not on the behemoth that seems to be taking over the Emmy’s.

Outstanding Drama Series

It’ll probably be Breaking Bad (or Mad Men, I guess).  I’d be happy if either Game of Thrones or Homeland took it, though. Virtually the only show on regular access TV is Downton Abbey, which should tell the major networks something (not like they don’t already know it, though).

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama

I’d like to see Claire Danes take this one.  I think she’s absolutely riveting on Homeland. Something about Elizabeth Moss squicks me out, so I’m gonna pass on her/Mad Men.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama

Bryan Cranston in Breaking Bad, right?  Is this even open to debate?

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama

I’m going with Archie Panjabi for the Good Wife.  I’m probably wrong. I usually am.

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama

I’d like to see Peter Dinklage get it for the second (?) year for Game of Thrones, but it could go to one of the guys from Breaking Bad.  Aaron Paul is pretty fantastic, and I’ve heard nothing but fearful praise about how great/terrifying Giancarlo Esposito was.



And, that’s about all I have the energy for.  There are a ton more categories, and I completely omitted the miniseries or movie genre, but there you have it.  The Primetime Emmy’s will air on September 23rd.  Will you watch?


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on the Emmy Nominations

  1. Well you know I’ll be watching.

    I obviously need to watch Breaking Bad. It’s been on my to watch list for a long time now. I love Bryan Cranston from his Malcolm in the Middle days so I’m always happy when he wins things. I think this could be very much a Breaking Bad win year since the show is heading into its last season.

    And Max Greenfield! Yes. Or really, even Bill Hader who I like but just not MF please. Like you, I find it increasingly not funny. It’s the safe bet sadly for all the comedy categories.

  2. I’m wondering the same thing about the nomination of Parks and Rec for the Outstanding Comedy Series award. I think this was their strongest season yet, even though all the past seasons are hilarious. In fact, I still keep a stash of old episodes on my DVR that I watch all the time. It’s always a sign of a great show when repeats are still funny! Luckily, I have the Hopper DVR that has a huge memory space to house old and new episodes, because I couldn’t bear erasing a single one! On top of not getting Outstanding Comedy Series, how did Nick Offerman not get any Emmy love for his portrayal of Ron Swanson? Each scene he’s in cracks me up, but that might be because he bears an uncanny resemblance to my boss at Dish, right down to the mustache. LOL!

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