Viewed this Week (15)

Inspired by Ticket to Anywhere’s What I Watched, I’ve decided to try to post on Sundays about what movies and/or TV shows I watched the week before.  Some weeks will be epic, and some weeks…won’t be.  There’s no hurt in trying, though, right?  The format might change as I figure out what I want this to be.

Sex & the City Season 2

Spice World

Thoughts on what I watched:

I’m behind on summer TV shows simply because I’ve been really really busy and also because I’m feeling a little burned out.  This week, I spent some time watching episodes of Sex & the City (at about 23 minutes each, they’re perfect when I’m crunched for time but need a distraction).  My roommate, who isn’t a fan of the show, has loved hearing me yell at the screen when Carrie does something particularly stupid.  And seriously, was Carrie always so annoying? Why don’t I remember her being this neurotic, selfish, and totally needy?  It’s amazing what age and experience can bring to watching a TV show.  Maybe it’s being fed up with codependent relationship drama in general, but this viewing of Sex & the City has not been as fun as I was hoping.

Spice World was an impulse watch after seeing some gifs of the Spice Girls on Tumblr.  I forget how much I enjoy this movie–how campy and cheeky it is.  Also, there’s something so nostalgic about the girls and their costumes.  Their accents are totally fun, too.

What did you watch this week?


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