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Movie Blather and Randomness

Another Saturday, another post about movie news.  I have been completely apathetic about the movies I’ve seen lately and can’t be bothered to write a full review for any of them, so you get this instead.  ONWARD.

1. Pitch Perfect’s trailer is out and it looks…awesome?

Okay.  I’m super embarrassed about this one, but I’m also strangely excited.  The movie stars Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow, and Rebel Wilson as collegiates who join an all-girl a capella group and face off against some dudes. It looks totally predictable (down to the jokes about Wilson’s weight, which is a bummer), but the music is guaranteed to be fun (Ace of Base and Blackstreet, what up).  I’m a sucker for music in general and secretly love a capella.  This reminds me of Glee if Glee wasn’t ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE in EVERY SINGLE WAY.

2. As the Emmy’s approach, so does speculation about nominees

The Emmy Awards (usually held in September) are about to release their list of nominees for this year, and there’s a lot of speculation about who will be nominated.  One of the most interesting categories is the movie/miniseries category, because there are so many great contenders this year.  Deadline has a great rundown of what will probably be nominated.  My vote: Game Change.  I really enjoyed that one.

3. 2 Days in New York, the sequel to 2 Days in Paris, has a trailer

I loved Julie Delpy’s dramatic comedy 2 Days in Paris, and I had no idea she was making a sequel (this feels like a pop culture failure on my part, and I’m bummed about it).  This one stars Delpy and Chris Rock, who has toned down the annoying and might actually be sort of sweet.  In this movie, her very French parents come to visit and chaos ensues.  It’s definitely a retread of the first film, but I’m excited to see it all the same.

4. A sequel (threequel?) to Before Sunrise and Before Sunset is set to begin filming this summer

Speaking of Julie Delpy (and really, why don’t we speak of her more often?), Ethan Hawke has confirmed that a follow up to 1995’s Before Sunrise and 2004’s Before Sunset is in the works and should be shot this summer.  I loved, loved, loved these two movies and am excited that there will be a third movie about Jesse and Celeste.  Even though I think the last film ended on the perfect note, I’ll see this one and see what Richard Linklater has in store for the characters. (Indiewire)

5. Have you seen the trailer for The Queen of Versailles?

Tapping into America’s bizarre obsession watching reality shows featuring the rich and irrelevant, this documentary follows a couple as they attempt to build the biggest house in the United States–right before the economy tanked.  It looks funny, sad, and profound, and I can’t wait to see it.  I really can’t.  This is one documentary I won’t wait to see on DVD–this is theater-worthy.


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