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Lists & Procrastination: 5 Things I’m Into for the Moment

Gentle Readers, welcome!  It’s time for another installment of Things I’m Currently Obsessed With.  Previous installments can be found hereherehere, hereherehere,  here,  herehere,  here, here, here, here, and here.

1. Marina & the Diamonds – “Starring Role”

The video for this acoustic version of “Starring Role” by Marina and the Diamonds is pretty captivating.  It’s just her singing with the band, but it’s damn near impossible to take your eyes off her.  I’ve had a love affair with Marina and the Diamonds for a good long while now, but the release of their new album “Electra Heart” has made my life much more full.  The entire thing is great.  Also, I really, really want that dress in the video.

2. Scandal on ABC

I was skeptical about Scandal from the start.  Shonda Rhimes (the woman behind Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice) was taking on law and Washington, D.C. in her newest network drama.  I’m not big on procedurals in general, and I haven’t watched Grey’s anatomy since the third season (which was a season too long, in my opinion).  But I heard some good things about it, and I’m almost out of TV shows to marathon now that the season is coming to an end, and I needed something to soothe my mind in the post-finals week.  Scandal seemed like as good an option as anything.   I like Kerry Washington, after all.

The result?  I’m totally into the show now, but I’ve felt uneasy about it without being able to articulate it.  Rhimes is the only successful, high-profile African American woman running a show on U.S. television right now, and her tendency to do color-blind casting is both admirable and indicative of how white our TV shows are.  However, I stumbled across this piece by Alyssa Rosenberg at Think Progress the other day, and she manages to get across my biggest issues with the show.  This girl and I could totally hang out.

3. Jenna Marbles scaring her dogs with a fart machine

You guys, sometimes the lowest common denominator is actually really funny.  In this case, it’s YouTube sensation and (very funny) blogger Jenna Marbles using a fart machine to scare her two dogs.  I was raised by a mother who thinks that farts are really funny, and as a result, I think they are, too.  This video is worth it for the dogs’ reactions alone.  Watch it and enjoy it.  I’m sorry I’m so sophomoric.

4. The L.A. Complex (Season 1)

Okay, this is a Canadian soap–but let me finish!  The show is kind of like Melrose Place, only actually interesting.  It focuses on an apartment complex in Los Angeles full of artists trying to make it in the city that seems to spit out more and more hopefuls every day.  The reason I started watching it was because I love Jewel Staite (who was excellent on Firefly), but I’ve kept watching it because the show is doing some risky, awesome things.  It’s not perfect–and it’s not, by any means, a really great show–but it’s completely entertaining, and that’s enough for me.

5. Holier Than Thou by Laura Buzo

Okay, you guys.  Buzo’s first novel–Good Oil–is finally being published in the United States under the title Love and Other Perishable Items.  I loved this novel so, so much.  Buzo is definitely an author to watch.  Recently, I discovered that she has another book out.  This one, called Holier Than Thou, is firmly in the “new adult” camp, and I could not be more excited about it.  It looks so good.  Unfortunately, it’s not available in the United States yet.  While I can purchase it online, it’s not cheap.  I have to figure out a way to justify the cost, because I MUST HAVE THIS BOOK.


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